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ONO's new vinyl, "ALBINO" is now available at Moniker Records!

(Also, don't miss the re-issue of
"Machines That Kill People")

Gene Wagendorf III, of Windy City Rock, reviews ONO and The Hecks at Quenchers, 10/31/12:
"The ONO performances I've caught in the past have always had a chaotic element to them...as if chaos was simply another instrument in the group's arsenal."

Foxy Digitalis Spotlight Follow-Up:
Moniker Records

"...more of a spectacle than anything...one cannot simply listen to an act like ONO and know how to react. It’s extremely confrontational music in that regard"

Thurston Hunger, of KFJC 89.7 FM, reviews Albino:
"...this is no Yoko joke-o, Ono as in Onomatopoeia, I think this is just how life sounds to these folks, and it is heavy duty."

Chris Sienko, of Gapers Block, reviews "Albino" and 2012 performaces at Mayne Stage and Empty Bottle in

Gapers Block: Ending the Year in Chicago Music:
"Albino picks up as though the last record hadn't come out four presidencies ago. Featuring covers of the gospel standard "I Been Changed" and the VU's "All Tomorrow's Parties" alongside nasty, full-throated originals, Albino is every bit as vital and skin-tingling as the band's first fruits."

Jamie Ludwig of chicagomusic.org lists ONO in his 20 Favorite Chicago Rock Releases of 2012

Waymon Timbsdayle, of Roctober Magazine,
reviews Albino:
"...elements of music usually identified as experimental noise with music usually identified as Negro Sprituals. This is done so seamlessly and brilliantly and magically that it creates something new that addresses the issues of art, freedom and chaos inherent in noise music...My favorite Chicago record of 2012 without question."

Coach House Sounds Night at the Whistler Review

Arvo Zylo, If You Came for Music, Leave Now! says:
"A wall of sound and song will delineate into an instrumental industrial ballad...and you will find that you've just seen a triumphant epic sewn together in front of your very eyes..."